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Mr. Biren Nanda, upon completion of his Post Graduation in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics,He joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1978. Mr. Nanda has previously served as a diplomat in Indian Missions in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Washington, D.C. and Tokyo. He was the Consul General of India in Shanghai from 1996-2000, Deputy Chief of Mission in the Embassy of India in Tokyo from 2000-2004 and Ambassador of India in the Republic of Indonesia from 2008-2012.

Prior to taking up his assignment in Jakarta, Mr. Nanda was the Head of the Division in the Ministry of External Affairs which looks after relations between India and countries of Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Mr. Nanda is presently High Commissioner of the Republic of India to the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia since April 26, 2012. Mr. Nanda is married to Mrs. Rukmani Nanda and has one son, aged 26 years

China’s Rise and the Future of Sino-US Relations: How Countervailing Strategies like the Quad are Defining Sino-US Competition in Asia
12 May 2021

The defining nature of strategic developments since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2007-08 is a rising China making territorial assertions in the South and East China Seas and along the India-China border and coercive manoeuvring by the PLA Navy off the coast of Taiwan – all part of a broader effort to supplant the United States as the preeminent power in Asia.

Asia’s Geopolitical Challenges and Future Order: China Factor
31 Mar 2020

First, after the Global Financial Crisis (2007-08), there was a relative decline in US power and China made the most out of a “period of strategic opportunity” by occupying the strategic space left vacant by a United States preoccupied with the domestic economic crisis and the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Current Positions

    Former High Commissioner/Ambassador to Australia, Indonesia & ASEAN


    Post Graduation in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics

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