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Bhavya Kundu was a second-year undergraduate student from the Integrated Programme in Management at Indian Institute of Management, Indore, and is the coordinator of the undergraduate Consulting and Economics Special Interest Group of IIM Indore - Appl-i. He has worked on a diverse array of academic projects from the domains of social sciences to macroeconomics, and conducted extensive field work for sociological aspects of the projects. His current projects include analyzing the Chinese Economy from the Perspective of FDI, China and its Great Game in the Asia Pacific and A Commentary on the Chinese Monetary Policy. His research interests include fields like central banking and monetary economics, foreign policy and international relations.


Areas of interest

China’s forays into the Indo-Pacific, Chinese History, International Politics on Energy, Competitive Devaluations, Trade Wars, Comparative studies of Indian and Chinese economies, Geopolitics from Chinese perspective.


Current Positions

    Research Intern at Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi

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