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Wednesday Seminar | Regulatory Environment for Businesses in China: Indian Narratives| 28th September @ 3 P.M. IST | Zoom Webinar

28 Sep 2022
C. R. Raguramachandran, Ranjit Singh, Ravi Shankar Bose
Venue: Zoom Webinar
Time: 3:00 PM

China’s accession to the WTO in 2001 created a world of opportunities for foreign businesses. China has been immensely successful in providing a world class infrastructure to promote its development strategy based on Export Promotion growth by attracting FDI. Despite ‘institutional voids’, its huge market has been far too alluring for foreign businesses. The Chinese government has very skilfully scaled up its advantages by designing a regulatory environment which has been a source of major complaints, but no one wants to quit the game. The 2008 US financial crisis forced China to change track from an export promotion growth strategy to boosting domestic consumption strategy. This change brought in a new set of regulatory mechanisms. The ascendance of Xi Jinping has coincided with China’s ambitions of ‘striving for achievement’ through state-led advanced industrialization and thereby boost China’s tech prowess. China’s regulatory environment for businesses has seen changes in accordance with its developmental priorities. This seminar aims to make sense of the regulatory environment since 2008 on the basis of actual experiences of doing business in China. The speakers are three eminent corporate leaders who have fought and thrived against all odds. Apart from their professional experiences, the speakers will talk about the overall regulatory environment for foreign businesses in China.


About the Speakers

C. R. Raguramachandran is the Legal Representative at Micromatic Machine Tools Shanghai, WOFE of Ace Micromatic Group. Since the inception of MMT Shanghai in 2007, Mr. Raguramachandran has seeded the business and overseen the business growth. Today AceMicromatic group is a well-recognized Indian machine tool brand in various parts of China. During this period, he has also been instrumental in setting up a greenfield project for Pragati Machinery Zhejiang Co., for manufacturing Tool Turrets and Automatic Tool Changers “in China for China”. Mr. Raguramachandran has over 25 years of experience in International Machine tool business, and has played active part in many government, industry and academic forums. As a Core Team member, he had significant role in business operations including brand building, business expansion and the customer experience in his region of operations.

Ranjit Singh is well recognized in the digital and advertising industry in China having been based in Shanghai for over 22 years. He is the CEO of Fugumobile and has a deep understanding of brand marketing, consumer entertainment and technology gained from over 28 years in the consumer, internet and telecom industries. A frequent speaker at industry events (Adtech, Fudan Univ, Mobile World Congress, to name a few), Mr. Ranjit Singh has been advocating the power of digital marketing to a growing audience of digitally aware clients and has executed cutting edge solutions for a large number of blue-chip clients in China and abroad. Mr. Singh is also the co-founder and organizer for Mobile Monday Shanghai, the leading forum for the mobile industry and mobile enthusiasts in China.

Ravi Shankar Bose is Director of Fugumobile Limited, Accelerating Web 3.0, Blockchain and Crypto Ecosystem. He is an accomplished Technology executive with proven leadership skills with a keen understanding of the latest digital innovations for business. In his 20 plus years of career, he has brought some of the most innovative technology products to market, advised on strategies for brands, and built meaningful connections with customers. In 2006, Mr. Bose co-founded Fugumobile, a leading digital solutions company based in Shanghai that has been working with some of the top brands in the world. Being a firm believer in the future of decentralized ecosystem, he also co-founded Crypto Bets, a social wagering platform on blockchain and serves as the CTO of Doris Metaverse, an animal rescue economy leveraging blockchain technology. Mr. Bose is an advisor to work space platform provider - Urban Office and digital agency - Ascenditure. He is also involved in promoting Indian arts and culture through a social organization – Chaiti Arts Foundation. Mr. Bose has been part of many government, industry and academic forums where he has been a strong advocate of digital technology as a driver from growth. He is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and international business at management institutes like IIMs, CEIBS, SP Jain and MICA.


About the Moderator

G Venkat Raman (PhD) is currently a Professor in the Area of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Management, Indore. Prof. Venkat is primarily a Sinologist. Apart from China studies, he has developed a keen interest in the subject of Business Ethics during the last more than eleven years of his association with IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode. Given his Political Science background Prof. Venkat brings in fresh perspectives in his teaching pedagogy and research. He has co-authored a paper that got published in the Journal of Business Ethics arguing for a novel pedagogy called the Integrated Live Case Method Apart from teaching core courses like Introduction to International relations (for UG participants) and Ethics and CSR for PG participants) he offers elective courses like Power Rivalries and Global Governance in the twenty-first century, Understanding the China Challenge, and Political Risk Management. Prof. Venkat has completed his doctoral studies from the School of Government in China’s premier University, Peking University, Beijing.

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