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Wednesday Seminar | China-Zambia Economic Relations: Perspectives from the Agricultural Sector | 26 May @ 6 PM IST | Zoom Webinar

26 May 2021
Veda Vaidyanathan , Caesar Cheelo, Musadabwe Chulu , Muyubozi Sikalubya , Tong wu
Time: 6:00 PM

This research project was designed at the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) in 2019, with the aim of better understanding Chinese economic engagement in Zambia, especially examining the nuances of cooperation in the Zambian agricultural sector. A collaborative effort, this study brings to the fore voices of Indian, Zambian and Chinese scholars and experts based at multiple institutions across geographies. In this discussion, the principal authors of this monograph will share key findings from their chapters written after extensive fieldwork. From providing an overview of China-Zambia economic relations, speakers will also throw light on the diversity in China-Zambia agricultural cooperation, dynamics of skills transfer in agriculture, a case study of a Chinese firm using Artificial Intelligence in agriculture while also discussing larger China-Zambia socio-political challenges including the issue of mounting debt, growing negative perception of the Chinese, a growing Chinese diaspora in Zambia among others.


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