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Wednesday Seminar | Beyond Borders: Chinese Demographic Chessboard and Implications for Global Diplomacy | 1 November, 2023 @ 3 P.M. IST | Zoom Webinar

01 Nov 2023
Shachee Agnihotri
Venue: Zoom Webinar
Time: 3:00 PM

In the backdrop of China's economic deceleration and its geo-political aspirations, the phenomenon of its youth crisis has garnered greater global attention. This scrutiny is not novel. Historically, China's population and its influence on economy and society has been a subject of both domestic and international discourse. China's unprecedented and forced population control for almost four decades, since the 1980s, in favour of a near total single-child generation, has had a deep impact on its domestic and foreign policy. The country’s rapid transition from a green to a silver economy, due to complex demographic challenges, is certain to have far-reaching implications for China's domestic socio-political and economic stability. Of greater concern is the fact that it also seems to be emerging as a significant factor in the country's military and defence policy, as well as in its ability to shape global politics. China's success in overcoming these challenges effectively, will shape its social, economic, political, and military standing - both on the domestic and the global stage. Consequently, both policymakers and diplomatic actors need to monitor and understand China's demographic-diplomacy shifts. Based upon an analysis of the changing strategic contexts which shape domestic and foreign policies, amidst unprecedented demographic shifts, this presentation would attempt to explore the complex interaction between China's demographic dynamics, domestic policy, and international diplomacy.


About the Speaker

Shachee Agnihotri is an Assistant Professor at the Amity University, Noida. She was the recipient of the India-China Government Doctoral Scholarship for her pursuit of a PhD at Zhejiang University. With an academic tenure spanning nearly five years, her pedagogical contributions extend across undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. Besides her teaching responsibilities, she has also assumed leadership roles, including Programme Leader for the History Programme, Member of Academic Council and Academic Audit Committee at Sharda University, Greater Noida. Her research interest includes Indian and world history, demography, and cultural issues with an interdisciplinary approach. She has nearly a dozen publications to her credit. Her latest work includes an edited book titled, Women's Identity and Representation in History & Literature along with another forthcoming edited book titled, Dynamics of World Politics & 21st Century Asia. She is also an Editorial Board Member of Open Philately, published by Middle Tennessee State University.


About the Chair

Partha Mukhopadhyay is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research. Prior to this, he was part of the founding team at the Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC), focusing on private participation in infrastructure. He has also worked with the Export-Import Bank of India, and the World Bank in Washington. He has served as a faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur and the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi. He has published extensively and writes frequently for the national media. He has also been associated with a number of government committees. Most recently, he was chair of the Working Group on Migration, Government of India and member of the High Level Railway Restructuring Committee, Ministry of Railways and of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation. He also serves on the Scientific Advisory Council of LIRNEasia, Colombo. In 2006, he was chosen as one of the inaugural Fellows of the India China Institute, New School, New York, and in 2016, he was selected for a Residency at the Bellagio Center of the Rockefeller Foundation. His research interests are urbanisation, infrastructure, and the development paths of India and China.


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