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Internet Governance- Background, Development and the Asian Perspective

10 Jul 2019
Samiran Gupta
Venue: Seminar Room, ICS
Time: 3:00 PM


Over the past 25 years this one technology has transformed our lives. What is at the heart of the technology? How does the Internet work? And how is it governed? What role did the United Nations play in the early 2000s and continues to play today? What is ICANN’s role? While the Internet Protocol technology was developed in the United States of America and Europe, the Asia Pacific region has become the proving grounds for new applications sitting on the technology platform. Today, India and China having the two largest Internet user bases, are driving innovation in different ways. Some of the innovations have come out of regulatory imperatives while others, out of market demand. Finally, what does the future hold?


About the Speaker

Samiran Gupta is the Head of India for ICANN and a veteran in business strategy and public affairs management. Prior to joining ICANN, Samiran was a Senior Director with APCO Worldwide responsible for counseling clients in business and public affairs strategy. Earlier, Samiran was a founder and managing director of a leading management consulting and business advisory practice known for working on distinctive projects for a range of corporations from Fortune 500 clients to top Indian businesses and mid-sized entities. Samiran has worked extensively in sectors including telecom, entertainment, payment systems, e-commerce, social media, and energy and renewables.Samiran has a Masters in Business Administration from St Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, United States of America, and a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Calcutta, India.


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