Assessing China's Future

30 Jan 2017
Prof. David Shambaugh
Venue: IIC, New Delhi
Time: 5:30 PM

                                                                                                  Assessing China's Future

                                                                                                      30th January 2017

                                                                                                           5 pm

                                                                                                      IIC, New Delhi 

                                                                                 11th Giri Deshingkar Memorial Lecture 

About the speaker

Professor David Shambaugh is Professor of Political Science and International Affairs and Director, China Policy Program at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, US. Professor Shambaugh is an internationally recognized authority and author on contemporary China and the international relations of Asia, with a strong interest in the European Union and transatlantic issues.  His areas of expertise include China’s domestic politics, China’s foreign relations, China’s military and security, and international relations of Asia. 

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