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A Year Since the 19th Party Congress

24 Oct 2018
Avinash Godbole
Venue: Seminar Room, ICS
Time: 3:00 PM


The 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was a much anticipated event. It led to a substantial change in leadership with 5 out of 7 previous politburo standing committee members retiring. There was also a speculation regarding the 6th generation of leadership and the succession issue. Significantly, the 19th Party Congress came up with a new "Prinicipal Contradiction" as well. The Secretary General's report was lengthy and included various guidelines and directives. It spoke on usual issues of national security, development, economy and politics. A lot of it was also to do with the directions and priorities in the reforms agenda set by the Xi administration. This presentation will discuss the outcomes of the Party Congress and how it has shaped politics and policies a year after. It will also analyse the National People's Congress and the Plenums that followed the Party Congress.

About the Speaker

Dr. Avinash Godbole is Assistant Professor at Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, O. P. Jindal Global University since February 2018. Earlier he was Research Fellow at the Indian Council of World Affairs from and before that, Research Assistant at IDSA. He was a Visiting Fox Fellow at the Macmillan Center at Yale in 2007-08. His research interests are in the fields of Chinese Foreign Policy, Environmental Changes in China, Minorities in China, Domestic Politics in China, China’s Asia strategy and India-China Relations.


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