The GPD Fellowship for Arts and Ideas

Govind Purushottam Deshpande was one of the founder member of the Institute of Chinese Studies, former director, editor of the ICS journal China Report. Schooled in ancient Indian history, equally at home in the world of Sanskrit texts, medieval Bhakti poetry and modern Indian and European thought and philosophy, Sinology and indeed modern Marathi Theatre, GPD was a rare, multifaceted intellectual.

The institute of Chinese Studies and GPD's immediate family have decided to institute an annual fellowship in his honour, which would be awarded as The GPD Fellowship in Arts and Ideas. we aim to invite applications for the first fellowship in October 2017.

A fund-raising drive is being launched to set up a Corpus Fund for the purpose. We are appealing to his colleagues, students and friends in the academic and cultural world to contribute generously to this effort. 

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