China in the UN Security Council 

Amb. Dilip Sinha

Wednesday Seminar  | 13 sep.

The PRC has arguably had the most chequered membership of the UN. While the Kuomintang regime of the Republic of China in the great powers had raised eyebrows then,  the PRC while not yet a member earned an early distinction of being condemned by the UN as an aggressor...

Chasing Competitiveness: Chinese investments in Southeast Asia

Dr. Aravind Yelery

Wednesday Seminar | 27 Sep.

The talk focussed on the Chinese investment in Southeast Asia and argued that such investments are not adequate for the long-term sustainable economic growth. 

Comparing financial markets of India and China

U K Sinha

Wednesday Seminar | 4 Oct.

The Speaker made a comparison of the markets in India and China with a particular focus in terms of its regulation structure etc. 

China's Belt and Road Initiative(BRI): Implications, Prospects and Consequences: Imapct on India and Its Chinese Diplomacy
Kishan S. Rana | Paper No. 16 September 2017
The essay examines BRI in terms of China’s direct economic, political and domestic interests, the funding arrangements for its projects, including aid and loans, and the potential gains for the countries and the regions that are to participate in the connectivity and infrastructure-oriented projects. 
China’s Growth Transition: Implications and Outlook
Anoop Singh| Paper No. 17 | October 2017
This paper represents how China's growth model has chnaged and developed since its global economic emergence in the late 1970s, and assesses prospects for China remaining the largest country in the purchase parity terms.
Supply Side Economics with Chinese Characteristics
Shyam Saran | Issue No. 50 | September 2017
The paper analyses the supply side economic reforms in China by taking the Third Plenum of the 18th Congress of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held in November 2013 as its starting point.
Public-Private Partnerships in Health Care: China and India
Rama V. Baru & Madhurima Nundy | Issue No. 51 | September 2017
The Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) as an idea are not new to the developed and developing the world and have been one of the main forms of reforms in many sectors - including health sectors- in lower and middle countries. This analysis looks at the advent, forms, and designs of this partnership. 
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China in the Afghan Imagination
Rustam Ali Seerat
7 September
Regional Economic Comprehensive Partnership (RCEP): Implications for India and Partner Countries
Debashis Chakraborty
2 September
Nepal’s Views on the Doklam Standoff
Avadhi Patni
25 August
China has demonstrated pattern of creeping encroachment… more Doklams can happen
Ashok K. Kantha
The Indian Express | 28 Sept. 2017
China's media Warfare: Winning without fighting
Alka Acharya
Times of India | 1 Sept. 2017
End to Doklam standoff a victory for quite Diplomacy favored by India
Ashok K. Kantha
The Asian Age | 5 Sept. 2017
Psychology Could be Key to Solving India-China Conundrum
Ravi Bhoothalingam 
The WIRE | 28 Aug.2017
Recent Developments Related to Nuclear Issues in North Korea
Panelists - Amb. Skand Tayal, Amb. Anil Wadhwa, Dr Sandeep Mishra
Roundtable | 11 Oct.| Conference room, ICWA | 3 pm
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