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When Bose was in China !

Nirmola Sharma |Issue No:59| Jun 2018

This article focuses on Bose’s wartime China connections and attempts to bring to light two little known visits made by Subhas Chandra Bose to China during the war period.


Spring Time in the Korean Peninsula after a Long Winter?

Vishnu Prakash |Issue No:58| May 2018

How could the volatile KP start talking peace and reconciliation so unexpectedly? Was it for real? What would it take to consolidate the process? Had a roadmap been agreed to? Does India have a role to play in the process? There is an attempt to address these questions in the piece.

South China Morning Post

Chinese Investments in Europe

Anil Wadhwa |Issue No:57| May 2018

Europe, with its free trade policies, now faces a Chinese buying and acquisitions onslaught. Chinese investments had earlier focused mainly on infrastructure projects in distressed Southern European countries. But stronger concerns have now arisen due to recent Chinese targeting of Northern Europe with an eye on the technology sector.

Fox News

China’s Crackdown on Crime and Corruption with Tibetan Characteristics

Tshering Chonzom |Issue No:56| May 2018

Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, along with the United Front Works Department and the various security apparatus in the country, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission (CCDI) has been deployed to counter and subdue ‘separatism’ in Tibet.

CNN Politics

Summit Diplomacy and Denuclearizing North Korea

Sandip Mishra |Issue No:55| May 2018

Undoubtedly the summit diplomacy so far has raised huge hopes for denuclearization of North Korea and the establishment of a peace regime in the Korean peninsula. However, the odds are still huge but statesmanship, diplomacy, a positive sum model, being accommodative, inclusiveness and futuristic approach by the concerned parties may bring the desired success.

The Financial Express

The United States-China Trade Confrontation and Implications for India

Sharmila Kantha |Issue No:54| Apr 2018

The paper finds that India would not benefit from trade diversion if the US and China look for new import sources.As per the analysis, India’s exports to both US and China of products on which tariffs have been imposed is almost negligible.


Sino- Nepalese Engagements in the Himalayan Borderland

Diki Sherpa |Issue No:53| Mar 2018

This paper assesses the competitive geopolitical interests that have thus converged and been advanced by infrastructure building in the Nepalese Himalayan borderland.

China Digital Times

China’s Quest for Global Leadership

Shyam Saran |Issue No:52| Jan 2018

This paper analyses the emerging global order where China aspires to be a key player and how handling of these seminal challenges will determine the prospects of its quest for global leadership.

Public-Private Partnerships in Health Care: China and India

Madhurima Nundy |Issue No:51| Sep 2017

This paper attempts to present the different models of PPPs being piloted in the tertiary public hospitals in India and China. It also compares the respective models in terms of the variations in design, the levels of emergence etc.

South China Morning Post

Supply Side Economics with Chinese Characteristics

Shyam Saran |Issue No:50| Sep 2017

This paper analyses the supply side economic reforms in China by taking the Third Plenum of the 18th Congress Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held in November 2013 as its starting point.

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