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Russia-India-China Trilateral (RIC)

1-2 June 2015

The Russia-India-China (RIC) Academic Trilateral Conference, a Track-II initiative was undertaken by the RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies (IFES), Moscow, Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), Delhi and China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), Beijing in 2001. In the years since, this exercise has contributed in deepening and broadening collaboration and cooperation in variety of fields and the RIC has already became known for its creative innovation and thinking in the field of international relations.

The RIC trilateral academic conference is engaged in deliberation on deepening of cooperation in diverse areas like energy, environment, health, agriculture and education which contribute to transformative process in these countries. The conceptual and organizational experience of RIC has been applied in the formation of BRICS, which adheres to the RIC principle of the ‘Three No’s (‘no confrontation, no bloc, and no targeting against third countries’). RIC countries, by rejecting the policy of force, following the instruments of dialogue, “soft power” and cross-civilization dialogue has contributed in the process of elimination of imbalances and relaxation of turbulence in the international politics.

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2nd China-India-Nepal Trilateral Cooperation

7-8 May 2015

The 2nd China-India-Nepal Trilateral Conference was held at Nanchong, Sichuan, China from 7-8 May 2015. The three organizing institutions were the Institute of Chinese Neighbouring Countries Studies, China West Normal University, Nanchong, China (CWNU); the Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi, India (ICS); and the Nepal Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Kathmandu, Nepal (NIIS). The conference proceedings lasted for a day and a half. It had five sessions excluding the inaugural with a total of 27 speakers.