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Aravind Yelery

Aravind Yelery was previously associated with Shanghai Ji-Ou (Sino-European Commerce Ltd.) as a Sr. Corporate Consultant (Research). He is a fluent Chinese speaker and before commencing his research at Fudan University, Shanghai, he completed Mandarin language studies from the esteemed Nanjing Normal University, P R China. He is an alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where he was awarded the Doctorate for his research on China, focusing on energy and economic in China’s transforming foreign policy. Prior to his PhD, he undertook M.Phil research on China’s SOEs and their re-structuring at the same centre at JNU. 

India and China and the Sensex Crisis
26 Aug 2015

IBN Lokmat

'निहाव चायना!
14 May 2015

IBN Lokmat

India-China Ties: ‘Asian Century’ in the Making
15 Feb 2015

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नवे रिंगण
08 Feb 2015

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China’s Sub-national India Scheme: Applied Science of ‘Going out’ Strategy
05 Jan 2015

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China’s ‘Going out’ Policy: Sub-national Economic Trajectories
24 Dec 2014

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सुरुवात तर चांगली झाली!
21 Sep 2014

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संधी चीनला आणि भारतालाही
17 Sep 2014

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स्पर्धा महत्वाकांक्षांची
31 Aug 2014

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China reforms its One-Child Policy: Retrospection
11 Dec 2013

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Chinema- Indian Bioscope in China
29 Oct 2013

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The Ancient Cross-Cultural Connections-II
10 Sep 2013

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The Bo Xilai case and the CPC
08 Sep 2013

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China Welcomes Narendra Modi
31 Aug 2013

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The Ancient Cross-Cultural Connections-I
31 Aug 2013

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Ancient China: Towards the Golden Age
18 Aug 2013

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Manmohan Singh’s visit to China
27 Jul 2013

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Chinese Manufacturers’ Response to ‘Trade Remedies’: From Dumping to Intelligent Trading
11 Jul 2013

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Change of Guards: Chinese Leadership Transition
10 Nov 2012

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China’s transition to Innovation and IT market
01 Aug 2012

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China’s Space Ambitions
24 Jun 2012

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US arms sale to Taiwan and China
19 Feb 2010

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Copenhegan and China’s CO2 Emissions
22 Dec 2009

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Global Recession and China
11 Mar 2009

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China’s Key role in taming Pakistan
24 Dec 2008

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China - Pakistan and India’s Foreign Policy
23 Nov 2008

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Opinion building towards India in China
23 Jul 2008

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Interplay of Ideology and National Interest in China’s Foreign Policy
05 Mar 2007

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Strategic Behaviour of the West and Communist Bloc during Cold War
03 Mar 2006

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Did Chinese Capitalism Succeed?–An Overview
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Urbanization in China and problems
30 Nov -0001

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Chinese Modernization being Testified: Reforms and Regional Development
30 Nov -0001

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Areas of interest

Areas of interest: Comparative Sino-Indian political economy; Sino-Indian and China-South Asia relations; China’s foreign policy, Chinese manufacturing trends, Urbanization, Chinese Government and Politics.


Current Positions
    • Associate Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), Delhi
Past Positions
    • Visiting Associate Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi (May 2014-March 2015).
    • Research Associate and Consultantat Shanghai Ji Ou, Shanghai, PR China (January 2012–August 2013).
    • Associate Professor of Chinese Studies, Timeless Learning Technologies, Pune, India (Sept 2011–October 2012).
    • Ph.D.  Centre for East Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
    • MA. Politics and Public Administration, Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra, India 

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