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Alka Acharya

Alka Acharya is a professor of Centre for East Asian Studies (Chinese Studies) School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). She was a  deputy Director (2012-2017)and a Senior fellow of the institute of Chinese studies, Delhi. She has been teaching courses on Chinese Foreign Policy and Political Economy to the Masters and M.Phil students and guiding doctoral research since 1993.  Ten scholars have so far been awarded a doctoral degree under her supervision. She is the joint editor of the book Crossing A Bridge of Dreams: 50 years of India-China, published in 2002, has contributed chapters to many books and regularly features in the Economic and Political Weekly.

She was Editor of the quarterly journal China Report (New Delhi) from 2005-2013. She was nominated by the Indian government as a member of the India-China Eminent Persons Group (2006-2008) and member of the National Security Advisory Board of the Government of India for two terms (2006-2008) and (2011-2012). She has authored a book China & India: Politics of Incremental Engagement, published in 2008. Her current research focuses on India-China-Russia Trilateral Cooperation and the Chinese strategic response to the post-cold war regional architecture, with special reference to China’s neighborhood. 

The State, Market and the Social Sector: Equity Issues in Health and Education in China and India
01 Jun 2014

With Prof. Rama Baru (CSMCH, School Of Social Sciences, JNU) and Prof. Geetha Nambissan (ZHCES, School of Social Sciences, JNU) under the auspices of the Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi

Perspectives on China’s Engagement with SAARC in India
01 Jan 2014

In Srabani Roy Choudhury ed, Japan-SAARC Partnership: A Way Ahead New Delhi, Pentagon Press, 2014 (pp. 56-69)

Its Onwards for Sino-Indian Ties
25 Oct 2013

The Strategic Stasis in India-China Relationship
29 Jun 2013

Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLVIII, Nos. 26-27, 29 June, 2013, pp. 25-29

Planning Process of China
01 Jun 2013

Project Director, awarded by the Planning Commission to the Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi, June-August 2013. Project submitted on 1st September 2013

The ‘New Regionalism’ and the China Factor in Rising India’s ‘Look East Policy'
01 Jan 2012

In FPRC Journal-No.8, 2012, Focus: India’s Look East Policy, Foreign Policy Research Centre New Delhi (India)

Course Correction: An Analysis of the Origins and Implications of the Sino-Indian Agreements of 2003 and 2005
01 May 2011

China Report, Vol. 47, No.2, 2011, pp. 159-172. Special Issue: Revisiting the China-India Border Dispute, Guest Editor Dibyesh Anand

One Step Forward, Three Steps Backward: The Danger of Drift in India-China Relations
07 Sep 2010

Economic and Political Weekly

Whither India-China Relations
07 Nov 2009

Economic and Political Weekly

Dealing with a Rising Power: India-China Relations and the Reconstruction of Strategic Partnerships
16 Dec 2008

In Derek Mitchell ed., Bridging Strategic Asia – Conclusion: The United States, Japan and India Conference proceedings published as a full report on the website of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, US. Publisher CSIS

The Seventh China-India-Russia Academic Trilateral Conference, 24-25 October 2007, Moscow: A Report
01 Nov 2008

China Report, Vol. 44, No. 4, October-December 2008, pp.347-360

An Analysis of the Prospects of Trilateral Cooperation in the Light of the Experiences of the Trilateral Conferences
01 Nov 2008

China Report, Vol. 44, No. 4, October- December 2008, pp.387-390

Asia’s Rising Giants: Current Status and Future Prospects of India-China Relations
01 Jul 2008

International Politics – Biannual Journal (Tehran) Vol. I, No.II, Summer-Autumn 2008, pp. 95-114

India-China Relations: Toward a Shared Vision
26 Feb 2008

Economic and Political Weekly, January 26 February 2008, pp.10-13

Yindu Zongli fanghua zhizai gongfu zhanlue huoban guanxi
14 Jan 2008

In the World Economic Review section of China Business Review, (Beijing)

The Strength of Weakness: The Context and Construction of Chinese Foreign Policy
01 Jan 2007

In Amb. M. Rasgotra ed. The New Asian Power Dynamic (Sage Publications, New Delhi 2007)

A Partnership of Global Significance
02 Dec 2006

Economic and Political Weekly, pp. 4934 – 4936

Regional Imbalances in China
01 Jun 2006

Seminar (New Delhi) No. 562, June 2006, pp. 26-30 (Special Issue on India’s Changing Relations with China)

Aspects and Issues in Contemporary Chinese Foreign Policy
01 Mar 2006

World Focus, March 2006, No. 315, pp. 25-29

Changing Dynamics in the Taiwan Strait: One Country, Many Systems
01 Sep 2005

International Studies (New Delhi) 42:3&4, 2005, pp. 227-246

Rectifying Relationships: Wen Jiabao’s South Asian Tour
02 Apr 2005

Economic and Political Weekly, April 2- 8- 2005 pp. 1421-24

India-China Relations – The Territorial Imperative: Past and Present
08 Nov 2004

Economic and Political Weekly, November 8-14, 2003 (with GP Deshpande)

India-China Relations: Beyond the Bilateral
01 May 2004

Economic and Political Weekly, May - 2005 pp. 1421-24

Talking of and with China
01 Jul 2003

Economic and Political Weekly, July 2003 (with GP Deshpande)

Irresistible Attraction and Implacable Reality: The President’s China Visit
17 Jun 2003

Economic and Political Weekly, June 17-23, 2000

Political Cooperation between India, China and Russia: Problems and Prospects
01 Feb 2002

China Report, Vol. 38, No 1, Jan-Mar 2002, pp. 49-55

Australia and China in a Changing World
01 Jan 2002

In D. Gopal ed., Australia in the Emerging World Order Evolving Australia-India Relations (Shipra Publications, Delhi 2002) pp. 138-49

Ritual and reality: Li Peng’s India Visit
01 Feb 2001

Economic and Political Weekly, February 2001

A Season of Opportunities: China’s Impending Entry to the WTO
01 Jun 2000

China Report, Vol.36:2, 2000. (with G.P. Deshpande)

PRC-India Relations: An Overview
01 Jan 2000

In Kanti Bajpai and Amitabh Mattoo eds., The Peacock and the Dragon : India and China in the 21st Century, Har-Anand Publications Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, 2000, pp. 168-198

Two Eras and After: People’s Republic of China at 50
09 Oct 1999

Economic and Political Weekly, October 9-15, 1999

Sino-Indian Relations since Pokhran II
05 Jun 1999

Economic and Political Weekly, June 5-11, 1999

From ‘World-View’ to ‘Nation-View’ : Fifty Years of Sino-Indian Interaction
01 Jan 1999

In Usha Thakkar and Mangesh Kulkarni eds., India in World Affairs : Towards the 21st Century, Himalaya Publishing House Mumbai, 1999. (with G.P. Deshpande) pp. 79-104.

China : Leading the Region and leading the World - China’s White Paper on National Defence - An Analysis
07 Nov 1998

Economic and Political Weekly Nov. 7 - 13, 1998

China : Consensus for Reform and Reforming the Consensus
11 Oct 1997

Economic and Political Weekly Oct. 11, 1997

Prelude to the Sino Indian War : Aspects of the Decision Making Processes during 1959 - 62
01 Mar 1997

China Report Vol 33, No. 1, Jan -March 1997

Jiang Zemin’s India Visit
28 Dec 1996

Economic and Political Weekly

Japan’s Defence Capability in Transition
01 Aug 1992

Asian Strategic Review, (IDSA New Delhi) August 1992

China’s Arms Sales : The Fulcrum of its South Asia Policy
01 May 1992

Strategic Analysis

Human Rights, the Changing World and the Chinese Dilemma
01 Nov 1991

Strategic Analysis

The Sino-Soviet Summit : Some Salient Aspects
01 Sep 1991

Strategic Analysis

China and the Changing World Order : Shifting Priorities in Defence and Diplomacy
01 May 1991

Strategic Analysis

Regional Conflict and Security in the 1990s : The Case of South Asia
01 Feb 1991

Strategic Analysis

Crisis in the Gulf : Fallout for China
01 Oct 1990

Strategic Analysis

The Rise and Fall of the Strategic Triangle : China’s Relations with the Superpowers
01 Jun 1990

Strategic Analysis



Areas of interest

Areas of interest: India-China-Russia Trilateral Cooperation and the Chinese strategic response to the post-cold war regional architecture, with special reference to China’s neighborhood.


Current Positions


    • Professor, Chinese Studies, Centre for East Asian Studies, SIS, JNU
    • Member, Editorial Board, China Report (New Delhi) Since January 2015
Past Positions
    • Editor, China Report (New Delhi) 2007-2014
    • Member, National Security Advisory Board, Government of India, January 2011- January 2013
    • Chairperson, Centre for East Asian Studies, SIS, JNU, 1st  February 2006-31st January 2008
    • Director, Institute of  Chinese Studies,2012-2017
    • PhD. Centre for East Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
    • MA. International Relations, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

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