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Taiwan-China Economic and Trade Relations

06 Sep 2017

Prof. Lin, Chien Fu Jeff

Venue: Seminar Room, ICS
Time: 3:00 PM

About the Speaker

Prof. Lin is currently the President of Taiwan Institute of Economic Research and Professor at the Department of Economics, National Taiwan University. He is also the Chairman and Board of Director, Chinese Taipei Pacific Economic Cooperation Committee, CTPECC and Chief Executive Officer, Chinese Taipei APEC Research Center. Prof. Lin has a doctorate in Economics from the University of California, San Diego. He is an expert on economic policy analysis, macroeconomic analysis, econometrics and finance. 


The presentation will include five parts. The first part is Taiwan's economic situation and outlook. The speaker will demonstrate by trends - GDP, trade, investment, international exchange rate, and economic forecast data. The second part will cover the status and phenomenon of Taiwan's sluggish economy. The speaker will explain the development limitations, employment, salary issues for the manufacturing and service industry. He will provide some policy suggestions for Taiwan. The third part will cover the slow-down in growth of China. How does the government deal with the problem and what are its impacts on Taiwan? The fourth part will discuss cross-strait economic cooperation. Mainland China is still Taiwan's first and largest direct investment and trade partner. Its currency, trade, and the whole regional policy will affect Taiwan and global Taiwanese people in the business. How could Taiwan remain benefited under ECFA (Taiwan and Mainland China FTA)? How could Taiwan join Mainland China's OBOR strategy? In the fifth and final part, the speaker will conclude and provide an outlook for the future of Taiwan-China relation from an economic perspective.



  • The presentation will discuss Taiwan's economic situation and outlook.

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