Special Lecture on China’s Foreign Policy and its Regional Impact

04 May 2017

Prof. Shen Dingli

Venue: IIC, Conference Room 1
Time: 5:00 PM



About the Speaker

A leading IR scholar of China, Prof. Shen Dingli is Vice Dean at Institute of International Studies, Fudan University. He received his Ph.D. in physics from Fudan University in 1989 and has a Post-Doctorate from Princeton University, 1989-1991. He was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship in 1997 and had served as Fudan University’s Director, Office of International Programs and Director, Centre of American Studies. He has co-edited several books and authored numerous books, articles and papers, half of which have been published outside China in a dozen foreign languages.Prof. Shen has organised approximately three dozen international conferences including the Shanghai Dialogue (or Shanghai Initiative), a high level track-II series of meetings since 1994, involving China, India, Pakistan and the United States on nuclear arms control and nonproliferation issues. Prof. Shen is a member of IISS and a number of other international organizations. He is on the editorial board of many distinguished journals such as China Report (ICS, Delhi), Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies (China), Journal of Contemporary China (U.S.), Journal of East Asian Studies (ROK/Japan/Taiwan), INESAP Information Bulletin (Germany), as well as on the international advisory board of Regional Studies(Pakistan). 

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