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  • 17 Mar 2017

    International conference on India, China and the emergence of post-war post-colonial Asia, 1945-50

    Venue: IIC, New Delhi
    Time: 10:00 AM

    On the occasion of  70th anniversary of the first post-war conference of Asian countries, Institute of Chinese studies takes a privilege to organise a conference to take a closer look at a very crucial but relatively understudied period(1945-50) in the development of India-China relations, in the context of the larger developments taking place in Asia and the world at that time.  


     The confirmed list of participants and the titles of their presentations are:

    Prasenjit Duara (Duke University). Keynote address: “Post-colonial Visions and State Strategies: Soft Power or the Imperialism of Nation-states?”

    Amitav Acharya (American University, Washington DC). Special Lecture: “Emerging idea(s) of Asia and the problem of Asian leadership in the post-War world".

    Arunabh Ghosh (Harvard University).  “The Science in Asian Relations: Xu Ren and Sino-Indian scientific exchanges before and after the Asian Relations Conference of 1947”. 

    Srinath Raghavan (Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi). “The Second World War and India's Strategic Role in Asia”.

    Narayani Basu (independent researcher). "The Tussle over Consulates in Kashgar & Kalimpong: Emerging Fault-lines in India-China Relations, 1947-1949".

    Atul Bharadwaj (Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi). “Post-war games in Xinjiang -- The Hunt for the Key to China's Backdoor”.

    Sabaree Mitra (Jawaharlal Nehru University and Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi). “India-China Post-War Cultural Engagement and Diplomacy: Towards a Framework for the Future?”

    Fang Tien-sze (National Tsinghua University, Taiwan). "What went wrong? Revisiting China-India relations from 1947 to 1950".

    Carolien Stolte (Leiden University, Netherlands). “Afro-Asian transformations: Cold War afterlives of the 1947 Asian Relations Conference”.

    Tansen Sen (City University of New York). “Pan-Asianism in Times of Nation States: India, China, and the Failure of the Asian Relations Conference.”

    Nirmola Sharma (PhD scholar, Delhi University). “Collaboration: The Bitter Aftermath of Support for the INA among Indians in China”.

    Tsering Shakya (University of British Columbia).  “Tibet on the Chessboard of Imperialism of the Nation State”.

    Wen-shuo Liao (Academia Historica, Taiwan). “Nationalism and Decolonization in Asia: Chiang’s and Nehru’s Postwar World.”

    Madhavi Thampi (Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi).  “Issues in India-Tibet-China Relations, 1945-50: a View from the National Archives of India”.


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