India Studies in China: Retrospect, Prospect and Beyond

30 Mar 2017

Prof. Sui Xinmin

Venue: Seminar Room, ICS
Time: 3:00 PM

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Abstract: The trajectory of India Studies in China, to a large extent, harmonizes with the ebb and flow of Sino-Indian relations since the early 1950s. The deterioration of bilateral relations was followed by a downturn in the areas of South Asian/Indian studies, and even almost all academic studies on South Asian were interrupted in the Cultural Revolution. With the progress of China-India relations, the study on India came warmer since the late 1980s & the early 1990s. In addition to the high politics and traditional cultural studies, the field of Indian study was broadened gradually to economy and society. At present India studies is hot. Within the progress, there are roughly such four generations of scholars as pioneer generation represented by Ji Xianlin and Jin Kemu, so-called Mesozoic generation by Sun Shihai and Liu Jian, the third generation, and the emerging one with the more and more interaction between China and India and India’s Rising. The mainstream of Indian study in contemporary China is objective and optimistic towards the future of Sino-Indian relations. In accordance with the increase of economic exchange, there are more researchers focusing on India’s judicial forms and comparative studies. 

About the Author: Dr. Sui Xinmin is a Dean at School of Politics & Law, and Director of Center for South Asia Studies in Zhongyuan University of Technology,  Zhengzhou, Henan province, China. He also teaching at China National Collaborative Innovation Center of Territorial Sovereignty and Maritime Rights (NCICTSMR), and China Foreign Affairs University as an associate professor. He has written many works and publications, e.g. Sino-Indian Relations: a Framework of Social Cognitive Perspective (2007)India’s Perception and Policy towards China (2009), and “China’s Policy towards South Asia in the context of MSRI” (2017). His next book, China and India Development Partnership: Prospect and Paths, is forthcoming.

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